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Mostbet online casino has recently added a new gambling game to its library – Aviator. It became a real breakthrough in this industry, because it attracted many users almost instantly. Now there are a huge number of video games of a very different nature. So, for example, in the Mostbet casino alone there are more than 3,700 games. And this is not the limit, because the company is constantly expanding the range of new exciting applications. Here, one of them was the famous aviator. What is he famous for?

aviator game

Users trust Casino and BC Mostbet, so this game has become an instant popular type of activity. Mostbet Aviator is a relatively new project that the whole world plays. Its essence is very simple and lies in the fact that the user has time to pick up the bet before the moment when the plane takes off. This is also one of the options for the slot, but with some changes. Of course, there is little that depends on the user, but this does not eradicate interest in it. The game is based on a random principle, so the user can only sit and watch, pressing the cashout button in time. 

Aviator game features:

Index Explanation
Name of the game Aviator (Spribe)
release year 2020
Availability Free, in many casinos
Odds range 1 to 200
Promo code for receiving a bonus IGRA150
Number of simultaneous bets 2
Return percentage 97%

Rules of the game in Mostbet Aviator

The Aviator game is a kind of slot, but it has a fundamentally new design. In front of the player on the screen there will be a large field on the right and a column of winners on the left. Below, traditionally, there is a line with the initial rate and the “Bet” buttons. Many will ask, why are there two of them? It’s simple, in this game you can make two bets at once. This principle can be used in your own strategies. As for the rules of the game, they are extremely simple:

How to play and win in Crash Aviator Mostbet

The new video slot is gaining popularity every day, because it is really interesting and allows you to have a good time. In fact, this is the same slot machine with reels, but instead of the latter, an airplane take-off mechanism is used, which can suddenly fly away. When he does this, the user can only guess. Instead of paylines, the game uses a random mechanism for choosing a multiplier from x1 to x200. If in the video slot the bet is lost in the absence of matches with the paylines, then here the plane flew away or was shot down by a rocket, depending on the version of the game.

aviator game mostbet flew away

The principle of playing the Aviator slot is quite simple and you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Mostyubet website.
  2. Find the game through the site search.
  3. At the bottom of the screen there are two “Bet” buttons and to set its size, simply press the desired number of times.
  4. When the bet is formed, you must click the “Bet” button, you can simultaneously make another one and the buttons will immediately change their meaning.
  5. The game automatically sets the coefficient from x1 to x200, by which the bet will be multiplied from the initial moment.
  6. As you take off, the coefficient changes and the amount too.

The user must have time to withdraw money before the plane takes off. If the first bet does not play, then perhaps luck will turn up with the second.

Official site Aviator Spribe Mostbet

Aviator spribe is a new type of slot machine with completely different mechanics. The user watches the takeoff of a small plane and while it takes off, the amount of the bet increases. Mostbet Casino could not miss the chance and add this project to its library. And as a result, she did exactly the right thing. A huge number of users immediately began to actively explore the possibilities of a unique slot, which turned out to be not so difficult.

official aviator game

The new type of game instantly attracted a lot of attention from casino visitors. First of all, due to its simplicity, beautiful visual design and game mechanism. As we said earlier, this game can be compared to a reel slot, but there are even more possibilities here. In reel machines, the player cannot independently stop the game process and withdraw money. This game does it.

The game was created by a well-known developer, therefore it is characterized by high quality, impeccable appearance and stability. But the main advantage of the machine lies precisely in its fairness. No one can influence the algorithm of the random number generator. All processes occur randomly, so it remains only to hope for luck.        

Strategy Mostbet aviator game

All gamblers are looking for ways to earn more, cheat the system and get additional profit. This also applies to the Aviator slot machine in Mostbet. On many forums, active players share their strategies that help them earn fabulous money in the casino. For some they work. And for some, this is just a way to share their grief over the loss of wages in this program. In fact, nothing depends on the player in this machine. He performs only two actions: chooses and places a bet, withdraws money at the right time. Everything is simple, but here you need to act correctly. It would seem that it could be easier. Before choosing a strategy, you need to understand a few simple truths:

Tactics of small multipliers in the game Aviator Mostbet

Despite the fact that it is impossible to influence the winnings in the Aviator slot machine, the final result is still real if you apply the tactics of small multipliers. If you do not win anything, but then, and lose a little. The main goal of any slot machine in a casino is not for the user to earn money, but to have fun, so you should not fly in fantasies. You need to land on the ground and accept everything as it is in reality.

The tactics of playing with small multipliers in the Aviator game on the Mostbet website is to make a small bet at a minimum, this is 5$. and to immediately take the winnings. Even if you wait only 1-2 seconds, the amount is guaranteed to increase by the factor that was currently applied. The final sum in any case will gradually increase, because the multiplication factor will still be greater. So you can play for a long time and without loss, but with a minimal increase. If you wait a little longer, then the amount of the bet will increase by 3-4 times, but the risk that the rise will end becomes even higher.

The main highlight of this machine is that small odds from 1 to 1.4 often fall. Large ones are extremely rare, but if it falls out, then you can become really rich.  

Martingale Strategy in Aviator crash airplane

One of the most common gambling strategies no matter what type of Martingale is. In fact, this is exactly the strategy with which you can play and always win in the end. The game mechanics for this tactic is very simple. It doesn’t matter how you bet, you need to make up for the loss of a past bad event. In numbers it looks like this:

  1. First you make a minimum bet, for example, 5$.
  2. If the plane has departed, next time double it, 10$.
  3. If the next time the bet turned out to be unsuccessful, you need to increase it again and do this until a positive result of the game is obtained.
  4. If the bet turned out to be winning, it should be lowered again to the minimum and played according to the same scheme.

The peculiarity and problem of this gaming slot is that the odds are uneven. In one second it will be 1.4, and in another it will not even reach one. It is recommended to choose numbers for increasing bets in advance and based on which coefficient falls more often. For example, in the region of 1.1-1.4, then it is better to take 1.3. Therefore, in order to win and compensate for losses, k must triple the bet, and so on with each step. But here a new problem may arise. The maximum rate cannot be more than 100$. when you reach this figure, the pyramid will have to collapse and start building again.

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How and where to play Aviator?
To launch a video slot in Mostbet, you need to log in to the casino website or mobile application. Then, in the search on the site, find and start playing it, after placing a bet.
Is it possible to beat the Aviator slot?
It is impossible, if someone will promote a working strategy, then this is a lie, because the game works on a random principle. There is no way to influence the course of events. The user can only bet and watch.
Is there a winning strategy?
There is, but it will end with the increase in the amount of the bet to the maximum value. It is better to play with small odds. This is a long time, but you are guaranteed to make a profit, albeit a small one.